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Fred Thompson does the expected

He’s officially entering the Republican presidential race on September 6.  It will be interesting to see what happens next. 

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Same-sex marriage made legal in Iowa by Polk County judge

In a case that will keep social conservatives railing against “activist judges”, Polk County Judge Robert Hanson handed down a ruling striking down Iowa’s ban on same-sex marriage, which allowed a few same-sex couples to get married in Des Moines. … Continue reading

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Firefox Campus Edition

The Mozilla Corporation has decided this year to put out something called Firefox Campus Edition.  What is Firefox Campus Edition?  It’s simply the Firefox browser with three extensions already installed:  FoxyTunes, Zotero, and StumbleUpon. So, to me, this seems like … Continue reading

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New iPods expected to be announced September 5

Apple will very likely be pushing out new models of its very popular iPod line with the special event they are hosting next week.  There is a lot of speculation as to what changes to the the iPod and its … Continue reading

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Back at Grinnell!

College is finally here and with registration tomorrow and classes on Monday, I arrived today to set up my things and get my room in order.  The weather here is warm with very high humidity, making it hard to go … Continue reading

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Lunar Eclipse Tuesday morning

Source: NASA Eclipse Home Page; original image courtesy of Fred Espenak, NASA’s GSFC Those in the US who are willing to rise before the sun on Tuesday, August 28 will be able to see a lunar eclipse if weather is permitting.  … Continue reading

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Upcoming Sansa Clip puts iPod shuffle to shame

Apple’s iPod brand has enjoyed a majority share of the digital audio player (DAP) market for the past few years, and the term “iPod” has become synonymous with DAP in popular culture.  My opinions on this are stated in an earlier post, … Continue reading

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DNC strips Florida of delegates

Today, the rules panel of the Democratic National Committee voted to strip Florida of its delegates in the the Democratic presidential primary if the Florida Democratic Party does not hold their primary on February 5 or later. The move is … Continue reading

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The Issue

Yesterday, I was notified by Andrew Puschel of The Issue that my post Why I’m not voting for Kucinich was being featured in their US section.  I was intrigued, as I had never heard of The Issue before and I don’t … Continue reading

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Mother Teresa

via Cosmic Variance Mother Teresa is a name that has become synonymous with saintliness in popular culture where criticizing her is almost unthinkable.  That is not to say that she doesn’t have her critics; Aroup Chatterjee and Christopher Hitchens certainly do … Continue reading

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