Lunar Eclipse Tuesday morning

Source: NASA Eclipse Home Page; original image courtesy of Fred Espenak, NASA’s GSFC

Those in the US who are willing to rise before the sun on Tuesday, August 28 will be able to see a lunar eclipse if weather is permitting.  For those on the East coast, the total eclipse will come just as the sun is rising and the moon is setting.  In the midwest, the sun will rise as the moon leaves the darkest part of Earth’s shadow, the umbra.  In the mountain states, the moon will be leaving the penumbra when the sun rises.  People on the west coast are able to watch the whole event, though waking up early enough to see the height of the eclipse will be more difficult that those to the east.

If you are planning on watching the eclipse, I wish you a cloudless night.  If The Weather Channel’s forecast for Minneapolis, where I will be during the eclipse, is accurate, then it seems unlike that I will be able to see it.


About Meng Bomin

Real name Benjamin Main, I am a graduate of Grinnell College with a degree in Biological Chemistry.
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