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The scale of the universe, continued

Phil Plait pointed to another great illustration of the immensity of the universe, this time coming from the Hayden Planetarium, which is part of the American Museum of Natural History, which starts at the Tibetan plateau and accelerates out to … Continue reading

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Israel’s new organ donor law

According to the BBC, Israel recently enacted a law that gives priority status to patients seeking an organ transplant if they themselves are organ donors.  The main aim of the legislation is to increase donation rates, as there are shortages … Continue reading

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A worthwhile Bloggingheads discussion

In the most recent diavlog, Razib Khan interviews David Sloan Wilson about his area of expertise, multi-level selection theory.

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The Big Picture’s HST Advent Calendar

It’s the first day of December and thus a time to drag out the Advent calendars.  The Boston Globe’s Big Picture site decided to repeat a concept from last year’s Christmas season: an Advent calendar that present an image from … Continue reading

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The scale of the universe

Not to long ago, I pointed to a rather effective illustration of the scale of the microscopic from cells to atom courtesy of the University of Utah.  In my opinion, though, it is the scales of the large that are … Continue reading

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