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Uploading your brain

I noticed that recently there was a dispute between Ray Kurzweil and PZ Myers over the prospect of reverse engineering the brain.  I didn’t read either’s argument beyond to find out that Kurzweil believes that we will soon be able … Continue reading

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The Fountainhead

Ayn Rand has been cited as a major influence on American libertarianism and many libertarians, such as Will Wilkinson of the Cato Institute have attributed their initial interest in libertarianism to reading her books.  In order to get a better … Continue reading

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I’m switching to Bing Maps

A couple of days ago, Long Zheng, an Australian tech blogger who focuses on Microsoft, posted a rant entited “Bing Maps looked ugly before, now looks like s***” about a recent update to Bing Maps that changed the color scheme … Continue reading

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