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Obama leaves Trinity

Here’s some news that caught me by surprise.  Today, Obama announced that he was withdrawing his membership from his long-time church, Trinity United Church of Christ. I have mixed feelings about this.  On one hand, I’m not one who particularly … Continue reading

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My thought of the responses coming from the Clinton partisans protesting at and outside the Rules and Bylaws Committee meeting seems to be matched in by others: disgraceful Here are four examples in three videos, which I saw all together … Continue reading

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The Four State Pledge and the RBC

In light of the RBC meeting today, I want to repost the text of the Four State Pledge that was signed by Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John Edwards, Bill Richardson, Joe Biden, and Chris Dodd. I orginally posted it in … Continue reading

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My logo

On a whim, I decided to create a logo for myself and this site. 孟柏民 (pinyin: Mèng Bómín) is my Chinese name, the name of this blog, and the name I use as a commenter elsewhere. I haven’t decided exactly … Continue reading

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May 20 map update

Cross-posted at Daily Kos With just two states left, I decided to make this map update a little different.  One of the major flaws of my past maps has been that it treats all counties equally, when some counties clearly … Continue reading

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75,000 in Portland

In a story that has not hit the major presses, Barack Obama just drew a mind blowing 75,000 person crowd in Portland today: Update: You can see photos from people at the event here and here, as well as here

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New blog template and updated Maps page

I’ve decided to change my blog template so that I can fit 500px wide images in posts, which has allowed me to fit the “medium” size images from Flickr, which is what I use to host my maps.  So, now … Continue reading

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