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Uploading your brain

I noticed that recently there was a dispute between Ray Kurzweil and PZ Myers over the prospect of reverse engineering the brain.  I didn’t read either’s argument beyond to find out that Kurzweil believes that we will soon be able … Continue reading

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Egypt claims the first non-Latin web domain

Yesterday at the Internet Governance Forum, which is being held in Egypt, Tarek Kamel announced that Egypt would put forth the first domain name to take advantage of the recent ICANN revision that allowed for non-Latin scripts to be used … Continue reading

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Epic fail: Apple’s new shuffle lacks buttons, still no screen

Someone must have threatened Apple’s “smallest music player” claim for their iPod shuffle brand, because its hard for me to think up a justification for this new batch of idiocy they just cooked up.  This: is the new iPod shuffle. … Continue reading

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No, it’s not

The most popular technology story on is linked as Is Windows 7 the end of the mouse?  This is the first paragraph: MICROSOFT has developed a touchscreen operating system that could signal the end of the computer mouse. Seriously, … Continue reading

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Microsoft should have used BitTorrent to distribute the Windows 7 Beta

Today, Microsoft officially released the first beta version of Windows 7, the successor to Vista, which has gotten largely positive reviews so far and personally, I think that the features look promising. However, they did make a mistake today when … Continue reading

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Firefox Add-on Compatibility Center

The Mozilla Corporation has Firefox 3.1 in beta 2 and will release beta 3 later this month, so I thought it would be a good time to point out the Add-on Compatibility Center that Mozilla created last year.  It claims … Continue reading

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Technophobes amuse me

I just got around to reading the Tuesday op-ed by Richard Cohen that has been kicked around by many in the bloggosphere suggesting that Barack Obama open up a newspaper to avoid being caught in “The Bubble” created by the … Continue reading

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