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Definitive proof that the Sun IS Satan

Woe to those who thought that hell was below us.  It turns out that the Lord of Darkness patrols the daytime sky shining light on all in his path. It seems that Lucifer was an apt name after all.  At … Continue reading

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Ethnic discourse in the media

I’ve not commented on this blog about the recent firings of media figures for inane and offensive remarks they made during interviews.  However, on Facebook, I posted an article by Steven Walt entitled Why Nasr, Thomas, Sanchez and Williams Should … Continue reading

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Atheism and agnosticism

In a follow-up to my brief series on the Pew Religious Knowledge Survey, I thought I’d put up a post on my views on atheism and agnosticism as someone who identifies primarily as an atheist when it comes to theological … Continue reading

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A final look at the Pew Survey

It’s been a couple weeks, but as promised, here’s my comprehensive look at the results of the Pew Religious Knowledge Survey.  This post is very table dependent and I wrestled a bit with the methods I employed to pull out … Continue reading

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Benoît Mandelbrot (1924-2010)

Benoît Mandelbrot, the progenitor of modern fractal geometry passed away at age 85 today.   His good friend Nassim Nicholas Taleb cleared is website in reverence, leaving just a reference to his passing, calling him “A Greek among Romans”. Of course, … Continue reading

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My thoughts on Gliese 581g

One of the more interesting news items I came across on Wednesday was the discovery of a fifth and sixth planet around the red dwarf star Gliese 581.  The fifth planet discovered, Gliese 581f, was pushed to the side both … Continue reading

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