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The Road to Partition

In a week and a half, Southern Sudan will hold a referendum on whether to seek independence from the north.  Tensions between the two regions have been high for decades, with two bloody civil wars lasting a total of 39 … Continue reading

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Zimbabwe: an anti-WikiLeaks posterchild emerges

In the release of cables today from WikiLeaks was a revelation that Morgan Tsvangirai, the Prime Minister of Zimbabwe, had made private statements to U.S. embassy officials that didn’t accord with his public campaigning for the end of sanctions on … Continue reading

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How I Killed Pluto and Why It Had It Coming

I just finished reading the book by Mike Brown that shares its name with this blog post, so I thought I’d post a short review here. The book is essentially an account of the set of discoveries that Mike Brown … Continue reading

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Julian Assange and a transparent society

In an interview today with Julian Assange, BBC Radio 4 reporter John Humphrys brought up an issue that’s been buzzing around the media for the past few days regarding the juxtaposition of Assange’s role in facilitating leaks and his indignantion … Continue reading

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The New York Times displays racial distribution nationwide

The New York Times has generated a pan-and-zoom map of the United States that shows the distribution of racial and ethnic groups, using a method very similar to that of Bill Rankin and Eric Fischer in the maps that I … Continue reading

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The future of WikiLeaks

Now is a critical moment in the WikiLeaks saga that began to unfurl in earnest this year.  Yesterday, a break-away faction within WikiLeaks started their own competing outlet, OpenLeaks (or at least a “Coming Soon” placeholder site), which will merely … Continue reading

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Some criticism of the Mono Lake results

Here’s a post from DNA researcher Rosie Redfield critically analyzing the paper that was released in Science and announced by NASA on Thursday regarding aresenic-tolerant bacteria in Mono Lake.  I haven’t read the paper myself (I don’t have a Science … Continue reading

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