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Iceland likely to have lesbian Prime Minister

Jóhanna Siguðardóttir is likely to become Prime Minister of Iceland, heading up a left wing minority government.  Iceland’s governing coalition collapsed on Monday.  While Iceland isn’t usually paid much heed as it is a rather small country, this would be … Continue reading

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Israeli Supreme Court reinstates Arab parties

Well, it’s good to see that there is some sanity at the high levels in Israel.

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Promoting my own idea

I posted an idea to the Obama Transition’s Citizen’s Briefing Book at Encourage the Teaching of Foreign Language in Elementary School. This is an idea that I feel has gotten too little play in the national discourse.  We are … Continue reading

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An interesting discussion on Israel-Gaza

The latest diavlog at is one between David Frum and Amjad Atallah on what United States and International policy toward the Israeli-Palestinian conflict should be going forward. Frum approaches the issue largely with a focus on Hamas and desires … Continue reading

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Another lovely photo set from the Big Picture

The Boston Globe’s Big Picture website continues to churn out interesting photo collections in all their 990 pixel-wide glory. Today, they have a collection of satellite images from various sources within NASA such as this one of algae blooms in … Continue reading

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Gaza wallpaper

In light of the conflict in Gaza, I decided to make this wallpaper, derived from this photograph of an Israeli flair over Gaza city: For those who are not familiar with Arabic, غزة is how “Gaza” is spelled, or غ-ز-ة … Continue reading

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A disgusting development

Apparently, Israel has just banned Arab parties from running in the upcoming election.  The fact that Operation Cast Lead is occurring in the shadow of an election has been one of the more disturbing elements of the offensive, but this … Continue reading

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