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Nonsensical Paradigms: Continents

From a young age, I have been taught that there are seven continents. In alphabetical order: Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, South America. There doesn’t seem to be any clear definition of what a continent is and why … Continue reading

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Iran: Nation of Bloggers

via Andrew Sullivan Here is an interesting short video created by The Vancouver Film School regarding Iranian bloggers. I esppecially appreciate the graphic layout of the movie, which I think is particularly well done: I’m actually quite interested to see … Continue reading

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One notion that I’ve seen bouncing around the Internet and the news waves is that many of the familiar faces that Obama is bringing into his adminstration somehow represent a betrayal of his campaign mantra of change. To me, this … Continue reading

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Nader Voters

For what reason do you vote for Nader? What possible rationale overcomes the reality of the American electoral system that compells you to support Nader?

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