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Determinism and Choice

I was watching an interesting panel discussion from the World Science Festival 2009 called Time Since Einstein that Sean Carroll, a participant in the discussion, pointed to.  However, during the discussion (in segment 2 of 5), the moderator, who was … Continue reading

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Egypt claims the first non-Latin web domain

Yesterday at the Internet Governance Forum, which is being held in Egypt, Tarek Kamel announced that Egypt would put forth the first domain name to take advantage of the recent ICANN revision that allowed for non-Latin scripts to be used … Continue reading

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A sense of scale

Via both Andrew Gelman and Phil Plait, I noticed a flash representation of the scale of powers of 10 at the microscopic end (from 12pt font to a carbon atom) from the University of Utah Genetic Science Learning Center, so … Continue reading

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A view of home

Yesterday, the Rosetta spacecraft, which was commissioned by ESA to study the comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko captured this view of the Earth as part of its third and final flyby of our home planet with its OSIRIS instrument: I suspect that more … Continue reading

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Initial thoughts on Google Wave

I recently snagged a Google Wave account and have begun to experiment with it.  I haven’t gotten any invites to distribute, so there isn’t really anyone I know on it, which means that I can’t really test it much yet, … Continue reading

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