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Atheism and agnosticism

In a follow-up to my brief series on the Pew Religious Knowledge Survey, I thought I’d put up a post on my views on atheism and agnosticism as someone who identifies primarily as an atheist when it comes to theological … Continue reading

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Mount St. Helens, 30 years on

Thirty years ago yesterday, Mount St. Helens blew its top with remarkable force, showering the United States with ash.  You can see some great imagery of the eruption and its aftermath from the Big Picture as well as a timelapse … Continue reading

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All the Kim Jong-il Publicity shots you’ve ever wanted to see

Yesterday, the Big Picture decided to run a series of pictures released by North Korea’s government new agency of Kim Jong-il making visits to various factories and other places of work across the country.  My favorite has to be the … Continue reading

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Time magazine finds source of immortality: Vitamin D

Today, while skimming stories from Google News via RSS feed, I came across a headline from the magazine Time that made me laugh: Study: Vitamin D Lowers Risk of Death This was followed by this paragraph: Doctors have long known … Continue reading

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OBEs induced with vitual reality goggles

Apparently, a team of researchers under Dr. Henrik Ehrsson of University College London have been able to induce out-of-body experiences (OBEs) in subjects using virtual reality simulations. When I first saw the headline of the BBC article on this study, I … Continue reading

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Kucinich takes the ABC News online poll

Wow, there are some tenacious Dennis Kucinich supporters out there.  It seems that a few of them have taken to running up his numbers in ABC New’s online poll on the winner of the debate held in Iowa yesterday morning.  … Continue reading

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Making a 12-sided calendar

Via Lifehacker If you have a bit of free time on your hands, you can make a calendar in the form of of a regular dodecahedron or a rhombic dodecahedron using the templates created here. The site generates templates for … Continue reading

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