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A pleasant surprise

I subscribe to the White House Blog RSS feed via Google Reader, but most of the time I only skim through the posts.   However, today there was a post that really caught my eye. “A New Year, A New Beginning” … Continue reading

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Why I’m glad Pluto’s not a planet.

This is a thoroughly stale topic, but it manages to come up again and again.  In 2006, through a perhaps rather questionable procedure, the International Astronomical Union (IAU) defined the word “planet” in such a way as to kick Pluto … Continue reading

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Epic fail: Apple’s new shuffle lacks buttons, still no screen

Someone must have threatened Apple’s “smallest music player” claim for their iPod shuffle brand, because its hard for me to think up a justification for this new batch of idiocy they just cooked up.  This: is the new iPod shuffle. … Continue reading

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The craziness is higher up

Apparently, it wasn’t only a Brazilian archbishop who thought that saving a raped nine year-old’s life by aborting two embryos that she was too small to carry to term was a reprehensible act: A senior Vatican cleric has defended the … Continue reading

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Brazil’s president is sane

But the high clergy of the Catholic Church there are not.  Apparently, they are upset over a recent abortion performed on a nine-year old girl who was allegedly raped by her stepfather.  In fact, they were so upset that they … Continue reading

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