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The New York Times explores the 2010 Census

Last year, I pointed to an interactive racial/ethnic dot map modeled on the maps of Eric Fischer that The New York Times had created using the Census projections available at the time.  With the release of the 2010 Census data, … Continue reading

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Two interesting points

I left a comment on Eric Fischer’s photoset laying out some of my thoughts on the coloring of his urban racial/ethnic distribution maps, to which he had the following response: Thanks for trying out some other colors! To my (red-green-colorblind) … Continue reading

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American metropolitan racial segregation mapped

FlowingData pointed out a stunning array of maps showing racial distributions in 40 major American metropolitan areas made by Eric Fischer.  Fischer modeled his maps off of the following presentation of the racial distribution of Chicago done by Bill Rankin: … Continue reading

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I’m switching to Bing Maps

A couple of days ago, Long Zheng, an Australian tech blogger who focuses on Microsoft, posted a rant entited “Bing Maps looked ugly before, now looks like s***” about a recent update to Bing Maps that changed the color scheme … Continue reading

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