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Map update

I have an updated map including the results from Pennsylvania here.  I switched to an SVG graphic template to make the image and haven’t quite brought everything up-to-date, so I don’t have weighted maps and apologies to Alaska, which I … Continue reading

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To a terrible debate

Tonight, I watched unequivocally, the worst run debate in this entire primary process.  Moderators George Stephanopolous and Charles Gibson decided to devote almost the full first half of the debate to the most frivolous “issues” of the entire primary followed … Continue reading

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Blogger plot against Expelled

Apparently PZ Myers has a new plot against the movie Expelled.  I thought I’d join in.

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Atheists are entitled to petition the government too.

via Pharyngula Recently, in the Illinois legislature, there was a disturbing exchange made between Representative Monique Davis, a Democrat who represents Illinois’s 27th house district (in Chicago), and atheist activist Rob Sherman over a plan by the governor to direct … Continue reading

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