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I’m switching to Bing Maps

A couple of days ago, Long Zheng, an Australian tech blogger who focuses on Microsoft, posted a rant entited “Bing Maps looked ugly before, now looks like s***” about a recent update to Bing Maps that changed the color scheme … Continue reading

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Gapminder Desktop

Hans Rosling’s Gapminder recently released an Adobe Air version of their very interesting and informative Gapminder World software, which was until now only available online.  For the most part there are very few differences.  The two noticeable additions are the … Continue reading

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Initial thoughts on Google Wave

I recently snagged a Google Wave account and have begun to experiment with it.  I haven’t gotten any invites to distribute, so there isn’t really anyone I know on it, which means that I can’t really test it much yet, … Continue reading

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No, it’s not

The most popular technology story on is linked as Is Windows 7 the end of the mouse?  This is the first paragraph: MICROSOFT has developed a touchscreen operating system that could signal the end of the computer mouse. Seriously, … Continue reading

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Microsoft should have used BitTorrent to distribute the Windows 7 Beta

Today, Microsoft officially released the first beta version of Windows 7, the successor to Vista, which has gotten largely positive reviews so far and personally, I think that the features look promising. However, they did make a mistake today when … Continue reading

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Firefox Add-on Compatibility Center

The Mozilla Corporation has Firefox 3.1 in beta 2 and will release beta 3 later this month, so I thought it would be a good time to point out the Add-on Compatibility Center that Mozilla created last year.  It claims … Continue reading

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Huh. Maybe Microsoft is actually pursuing web standards

via InsideMicrosoft According to the IEBlog, the current build of IE8 passes the Acid2 Test “in standards mode”.  I’m not exactly sure what standards mode is supposed to be, but the fact that the browser can pass Acid2 suggests that … Continue reading

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