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Real scientific investigation of morality

I was going to respond to Sam Harris’ latest elaboration on his TED talk, but after reading it, I figured it was a waste of time*. So instead, I’m going to direct you to this interesting article by Paul Bloom … Continue reading

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Contra Sam Harris

I have to agree with Sean Carroll’s assessment of Sam Harris’ recent TED talk (Sam was apparently no amused): Simply put, a moral system is a strategy, and while some strategies may work better than others, they tend to be … Continue reading

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Who are the Tea Party movement?

Having just started Spring Break at my college, I’ve had a bit more time to watch the hour-long conversations that go on at  It just so happens that three of the recent conversations mentioned the Tea Party movement from … Continue reading

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The libertarian moral outlook

Will Wilkinson points to one of Jonathan Haidt’s recent papers, looking particularly at the findings with regard to self-described libertarians’ views on morality, describing them as supporting one of his propositions that “libertarians are liberals who like markets”. For more … Continue reading

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Andrew Sullivan’s critique of Liberalism

In February, Andrew Sullivan, author of the Daily Dish blog at The Atlantic, made a speech at Princeton in February in titled “The Politics of Homosexuality”.  On Friday, a it was posted on YouTube in eight segments spanning a bit … Continue reading

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All the Kim Jong-il Publicity shots you’ve ever wanted to see

Yesterday, the Big Picture decided to run a series of pictures released by North Korea’s government new agency of Kim Jong-il making visits to various factories and other places of work across the country.  My favorite has to be the … Continue reading

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