Epic fail: Apple’s new shuffle lacks buttons, still no screen

Someone must have threatened Apple’s “smallest music player” claim for their iPod shuffle brand, because its hard for me to think up a justification for this new batch of idiocy they just cooked up.  This:

is the new iPod shuffle.

Now, to be fair, there are controls, but they are on the low-quality headphones that Apple provides and they seem to be more limited than the traditional controls, as they lack the ability to go backward on a playlist.

However, I will admit that they’ve added some features.  They have added a voiceover feature that tells you the music you’re listening to in a low quality speech synthesizer, which for some reason is male if your computer is a Mac and female if your computer runs Windows.

This feature, which would be pretty useless in and of itself, allows you to switch between playlists, which is necessary to justify the fact that it’s a 4GB MP3 player with no screen.

Now, the iPod shuffle already was the rip off in the world of MP3 players and to Apple’s credit they didn’t raise the price (though this is hardly admirable, given the price of flash).  So, as always, it would be advised to find another MP3 player…just about anything would be a better value.


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Real name Benjamin Main, I am a graduate of Grinnell College with a degree in Biological Chemistry.
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One Response to Epic fail: Apple’s new shuffle lacks buttons, still no screen

  1. My little Sony Walkman (see link) has more functions for roughly the same size as the Shuffle, plus it is a USB drive. The only thing it lacks is the harddrive size. But when you consider that my drive is a few years old, that is to be expected.

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