A round-up of commentary on Egypt

Events have been proceeding apace in Egypt and there remains a great deal of uncertainty regarding the future of that country.  The latest news as of this posting is that Mubarak has dismissed his government and will announce a new one tomorrow.

I don’t have any particular insight into the situation there, so, I’ve gathered some commentary and coverage from around the web:

Aljazeera has been covering the protests quite thoroughly.  At the moment, their homepage doesn’t look much different than their special Egypt page, but I’ve linked to the latter anyway.

BoingBoing has also been doing it’s part to cover the unfurling of events in Egypt as well as the uprising in Tunisia that preceded them.

The Guardian has been covering the protests. As has The New York Times.  The Telegraph alleges that some of the leaders of Egypt’s uprising were supported by and trained in the U.S.

At the Washington Post’s Foreign Policy blogs, Marc Lynch has weighed in a few times.  He was initially skeptical that much would happen in Egypt, as was his fellow Foreign Policy blogger Stephen Walt.  However, as time has passed, the two have seen more chance for the protesters’ success.  Foreign Policy itself has a slideshow on the topic.

Aaron Bady at zunguzungu posted this commentary that’s critical of the actions of the U.S. government with regard to this story.

Razib Khan voiced skepticism of popular uprisings and the potential negative effects they could have particularly in Egypt at Secular Right, which he expanded on at Brown Pundits with a short critique of American idolitry of democracy (which he calls “democralitry”).

Daily Kos has it’s own round up of news and commentary.

Likewise, the Huffington Post has been keeping a news page on this issue.

Wikileaks summarized some cables detailing the Egyptian government’s use and abuse of power in recent years.

An explanatory post from an Egyptian in Australia.

Michael Moynihan and Jesse Walker at Reason also have comments.

As does Tyler Cowen at Marginal Revolution.


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