A Tory-Lib Dem coalition

It looks like David Cameron’s Conservative Party and Nick Clegg’s Liberal Democrats have settled on a coalition deal to form the next government for the United Kingdom.  Gordon Brown has tendered his resignation as Prime Minister to the Queen, clearing the way for David Cameron to become the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

The details of the deal have not yet been announced, but they should be forthcoming soon.  This new coalition comes at tough times politically for the UK.  Like most Western nations, the UK is running a rather high deficit, but its economy is still weak, so difficult dilemmas characterize much of the incoming government’s fiscal landscape.

The UK isn’t especially experienced with governmental coalitions because of the nature of the current voting system. This is only the second hung parliament in the past 80 years, during which time, no party has ever won a majority of the popular vote.  Single member district plurality serves to reliably give one of two major political political parties majority governments, even if they receive less than 40% of the total vote, while marginalizing any other parties.


About Meng Bomin

Real name Benjamin Main, I am a graduate of Grinnell College with a degree in Biological Chemistry.
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