No one cares about Nashville

Completely unbeknownst to me, the city of Nashville, Tennessee was flooded on Sunday as 15 inches of rain fell in 48 hours.  Andrew Sullivan points to a video with some footage of the flooding and some reactions to the lack of media response to what looks to be a very significant disaster in Tennessee:

There is also some commentary on the media’s lack of response and its seeming inability to handle two disasters in the American South at once.

However, it seems that CNN, The New York Times, Reuters, and The Washington Post have finally picked up the story, if a little late, though most still don’t feature what should be considered important news very highly on their front pages (CNN is the exception here).


About Meng Bomin

Real name Benjamin Main, I am a graduate of Grinnell College with a degree in Biological Chemistry.
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2 Responses to No one cares about Nashville

  1. Jared says:

    its because no one cares about white folks. The media will go crazy over it only if there were hundreds of niggers in nashville

  2. Meng Bomin says:

    That’s factually untrue. Nashville is 26.8% black , more than twice the national average. Heck, the first person you see in the video I posted is a black resident. If you’re going to allege racial bias in the media, it would be worthwhile to have an inkling of the racial demographics of the areas in question.

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