Image from The New York Times, taken by Doug Mills

Last night, before heading to work, I watched Hillary Clinton’s speech. From Terry McAuliffe’s introduction of “the next President of the United States, the speech struck me as willfully ignorant of the reality, and a let down from what I expected from Hillary Clinton.

While I have not seen eye to eye with her during this nomination process, I have always thought that she would be graceful when the end came, if for no other reason than to survive politically. However, last night was anything but graceful.

We saw the Clinton supporters loudly protest the proceedings of the Rules and Bylaws Committee meeting, chanting such things as “Denver, Denver, Denver” and “McCain, McCain, McCain”.  I was hoping that in the interest of unity, Hillary would quell those voices by, if not conceding, acknowledging the  reality.

But she didn’t.  Last night, se sat by idly as her supporters in the background echoed the “Denver, Denver Denver line and even offered up a passive-aggressive “I will be making no decisions tonight,” which drew a huge roar from the crowd.

I finished watching that speech feeling angry.  Angry that she had given what could be described as a petulant, self-absorbed, reality-denying speech, and that I had watched it and that it had made be late for work (this is the last time Hillary Clinton will make me late for work).

Of course, her campaign still shows signs of going on. For instance, look at her webpage when still asks for addresses and volunteers. The most grating part, though, is the fundraising button:

I’m not pleased to see her raising money after all contests are over. She may just be trying to recoup money from loans, but in that case, she should be more forthcoming about why she’s raising the money. Otherwise, she’s just going to spend it on weakening the party and its nominee.

Senator Clinton, please drop out of the race.


About Meng Bomin

Real name Benjamin Main, I am a graduate of Grinnell College with a degree in Biological Chemistry.
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