Brownback to drop out

According to The Politico, Senator Sam Brownback, one of the three Republican candidates for President infamous for raising their hands at the first debate to the question of to whether they didn’t believe in evolution (the other two being former Governor Mike Huckabee and Colorado Representative Tom Tancredo).

To me, this seems to help Huckabee the most, as he and Brownback were similar candidates.  Tom Tancredo may get a boost as well, but as I have posted before, he’s crazy, though that doesn’t necessarily disqualify him from the field.  It should be interesting to see, though, if Huckabee gets a boost in the polls now.

It should be noted that Brownback took a close third to Huckabee’s second place finish in the Iowa Straw Poll, a fundraising event for the Iowa Republican Party where candidates often pay supporters’ entry tickets and that their combined vote would have put them in front of the winner, Mitt Romney.  Also note that three of the four candidates that are currently considered “frontrunners” in the Republican race for President did not participate.


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Real name Benjamin Main, I am a graduate of Grinnell College with a degree in Biological Chemistry.
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