This month’s first Iraq report: not good news for war supporters

Today, the United States Government Accountability Office released a 100-page report stating that of the 18 benchmarks of progress put forth by Congress and the White House for the surge, only 3 have been fully met, 4 have been partially met, and fully 11 have not been met.

You can look at the report and the GAO’s planned Congressional testimony in PDF form from the a USA Today blog post on the subject.  Looking at the summary table of the report, which I have included after the break, I find it hard to believe that the surge is working as touted by its backers.

  Benchmarks GAO assessment Summary
1 Forming a Constitutional Review Committee and completing the constitutional review. NM Committee formed but amendments not approved by the Iraqi legislature and no referendum scheduled.
2 Enacting and implementing legislation on de-Ba’athification. NM Laws drafted.
3 Enacting and implementing legislation to ensure the equitable distribution of hydrocarbon resources of the people of Iraq without regard to the sect or ethnicity of recipients, and enacting and implementing legislation to ensure that the energy resources of Iraq benefit Sunni Arabs, Shia Arabs, Kurds, and other Iraqi citizens in an equitable manner. NM 3 of 4 components drafted; none being considered by parliament.
4 Enacting and implementing legislation on procedures to form semi-autonomous regions. PM Law enacted; implementation scheduled for 2008.
5 Enacting and implementing legislation establishing an Independent High Electoral Commission, provincial elections law, provincial council authorities, and a date for provincial elections. NM Commission law enacted and implemented; however, supporting laws not enacted.
6 Enacting and implementing legislation addressing amnesty. NM No law drafted.
7 Enacting and implementing legislation establishing a strong militia disarmament program to ensure that such security forces are accountable only to the central government and loyal to the Constitution of Iraq. NM No law drafted.
8 Establishing supporting political, media, economic, and services committees in support of the Baghdad security plan. M Committees established.
9 Providing three trained and ready brigades to support Baghdad operations. PM Forces provided; some of limited effectiveness.
10 Providing Iraqi commanders with all authorities to execute this plan and to make tactical and operational decisions, in consultation with U.S. commanders, without political intervention, to include the authority to pursue all extremists, including Sunni insurgents and Shiite militias. NM Political intervention continues.
11 Ensuring that Iraqi security forces are providing even-handed enforcement of the law. NM Iraqi security forces engaged in sectarian-based abuses.
12 Ensuring that, according to President Bush, Prime Minister Maliki said “the Baghdad security plan will not provide a safe haven for any outlaws, regardless of [their] sectarian or political affiliation.” PM Militia infiltration of some security forces enables some safe havens.
13 Reducing the level of sectarian violence in Iraq and eliminating militia control of local security. NM Militias control some local security; unclear whether sectarian violence has decreased.
14 Establishing all of the planned joint security stations in neighborhoods across Baghdad. M 32 of 34 stations established.
15 Increasing the number of Iraqi security forces units capable of operating independently. NM Number of independent units declined between March and July 2007.
16 Ensuring that the rights of minority political parties in the Iraqi legislature are protected. M Legislators’ rights protected; minority citizens’ rights unprotected.
17 Allocating and spending $10 billion in Iraqi revenues for reconstruction projects, including delivery of essential services, on an equitable basis. PM Funds allocated but unlikely to be fully spent.
18 Ensuring that Iraq’s political authorities are not undermining or making false accusations against members of the Iraqi security forces. NM Unsubstantiated accusations continue to be made.

Source: GAO-07-1195 Securing, Stabilizing, and Rebuilding Iraq (sourced to “GAO analysis of UN, U.S., and Iraq Data” in article)


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