My first 30 days on WordPress

Today is my thirtieth day of having a blog on WordPress.  This is not significant beyond the fact that WordPress provides statistics relating to blog traffic, with the number of visits (excluding those made by you while logged into WordPress) shown for the past 30 days, so I thought I use this post to share some of the statistics relating to this blog.  Here is what my site visits chart looked like as of 11:45 CST this morning (so the stats for today aren’t complete:

I think it’s a good start for an unknown college blogger.  Of course, the most notable part of this is the peak on July 22, which corresponds to my review of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, which I posted to digg, noting that there were spoilers.  This post was by far my most popular, pulling 382 views total, and 174 its first day, enough to get it spot 61 on WordPress’s list of 100 most popular posts for the day.  More after the break for those so inclined.

Another “popular” been my review of Apple’s Safari 3 for Windows Beta, which I also posted to digg.  It has drawn more of a steady trickle of viewers (usually at least 2 a day) since I posted it on July 3 for a total of 85 views.

The three most popular posts after those have all been ones that I’ve posted to digg: my post about buying the above mentioned Harry Potter book on July 21 with 62 views, my post about an perceptual illusion discussed by the Astronomy Picture of the Day on July 17 with 32 views, and my post about the new dollar coins on July 16 with 14 views.

I also want to note that the 53 views on the first day were all mine, as I did a lot of experimenting with different browsers and themes and wasn’t always logged in, so basically, if I had been logged in the whole time, the number of views would have been 0.  When I looked at which posts were viewed, I notice all of them had been deleted.  This is because many were old posts from my old blog on Blogger, which I treated as a personal diary.

Here is a Excel chart I made to Illustrate the breakdown of the 722 total blog views among the 5 most viewed posts:

So far, I’ve gotten 3 outside comments that were not spam and 24 spam comments, all of which have been caught by the Akismet spam filter that WordPress provides.

While I don’t think I have any reader base whatsoever yet, I hope to be able to build one once I go back to Grinnell.  Every Thursday, Grinnell hosts a speaker for convocation.  I haven’t gone to many, but I think they could make very good posting material.  We’ll see…


About Meng Bomin

Real name Benjamin Main, I am a graduate of Grinnell College with a degree in Biological Chemistry.
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