Irony in the Cincinati area

via Pharyngula

As you may know, Answers in Genesis (AIG) recently unveiled their “Creation Museum” in Petersburg, KY, which advocates Young Earth creationism, a belief that is based upon Biblical literalism that claims that God created the world a bit more than 6,000 years ago.

Of course to make this “museum” seem legitimate to the uneducated and miseducated masses, AIG has installed animatronic dinosaurs, some of which have humans riding them as if they were treated as horses.  Of course, dinosaurs, as anyone who passed eighth grade earth science should know, died out 65 million years ago.

The irony of this is that this museum sits on a bed of limestone rich in Ordovician fossils which makes them around 450 million years old, 75,000 times older than AIG claims to be the age of the Earth.  A local fossil collector has made a ten minute video on YouTube showing some of these fossils and explaining in brief why they serve a direct evidence against the anti-science propaganda put forth by AIG structure upon built upon them:


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Real name Benjamin Main, I am a graduate of Grinnell College with a degree in Biological Chemistry.
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